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The basis of the complex – Kompleks Banjska lepotica

Kompleks Banjska lepotica


The location designated for construction by this project is situated in the wider central area of Vrnjačka Banja. Cadastre parcel number 3033/1 in the Vrnjačka Banja cadastral municipality falls within the Vrnjačka Banja General Regulation Plan and is part of the urban complex V3. The land use is derived directly from the Vrnjačka Banja General Regulation Plan. Cadastre parcel number 3033/1, Vrnjačka Banja cadastral municipality, is within the MIXED USE "M" zone.

horizontal projection of the building on the parcel/parcel area

(7 × 94.21m²) + 219.45m² = 878.92m²

878.91/2939 × 100% = 29.91% < 30%

gross developed area of the building/parcel area

Typical G+1 Building:

Ground Floor: 94.21m²

Floor: 94.21m²

Total Net Area = 188.42m²

G+1+F Residential Building:

Ground Floor: 219.45m²

Floor: 219.45m²

Attic: 219.45m²

Total Net Area = 658.35m²

(7 × 188.42) + 658.35 = 1,977.29m²

2939 / 658.35 = 1.49 K = 1.49

The building is in a row with two housing units, consisting of a ground floor and one additional floor (G+1), with two (2) residential units.

23 parking spaces within the building plot/complex.

Out of these, two parking spaces are directly projected in front of the building (one for each apartment).


14 parking spaces – for buildings in a row

8 parking spaces – for freestanding building

1 parking space – for persons with disabilities

Total: 14 + 8 + 1 = 23 parking spaces


Access to the location, in a broader sense, is conditioned by the traffic regime on Pribački put Street with two-way traffic and specific traffic signaling in the wider area. The parcel and access to the location are adjacent to the public space. An internal access road, 4.0m wide, runs along the eastern boundary of the parcel, connecting Pribački put Street and providing internal access to the parcel, parking spaces within the location, and pedestrian access.

Within the complex, in accordance with the specified parameters and considering the number of housing units, a total of 14 + 8 + 1 = 23 parking spaces are projected on the parcel, as shown in the situational solution graphics, aligned with the traffic solution.

Access to the location, in terms of pedestrian movement, is designed as a shared path with an internal economic road, following the Regulations on Technical Standards for Planning, Designing, and Construction of Facilities that Ensure Unhindered Movement for Persons with Disabilities, Children, and the Elderly. Given the relatively flat location and the absence of underground floors, the ground floor space of the building can be characterized as unobstructed for movement.

One of the designated parking spaces is intended for the use of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the calculation of at least 5% of the total number of parking spaces and a minimum of 1 parking space for disabled individuals.